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What I took home from the Masternoding Audit in Malta recently.

Nov 14


After the audit in Malta I signed a paper confirming just one truth: I have seen all the funds necessary for paying out all investors and much more. But I'd like to add a few more observations. More details:
I signed also not being a lawyer although I finished law in my younger years, but never really worked as a lawyer. In English I would still go as a lawyer while in German they make a difference between a Jurist and an Anwalt (someone practicing law). Anyway, legal knowledge wasn't necessary here, much more common sense. 
As it was my 2nd audit there was a lot of déjà vu and déjà entendu, but this time I felt that Urs was talking even faster than last time via skype. 
I learned that a team of around 60, mainly programmers are working around the world on projects like presently 19 own coins - not all yet public. 
I could see for example how this team interacted with one another, how they all find trust most important. Dima, the assistant with Urs (he is on the homepage too) is his brother-in-law. Most of the team members that often meet in a nice town-house bought a year ago in Moria (a smaller town outside La Valetta) now turned into offices with huge screens around - they all have kids somewhere they want to provide the best for thru their work. And Urs is planning to later move to Southern Switzerland (he is half-Swiss/half-German) where his son can have a better education than on the island.
And the final regulation will be in Zug/Switzerland hopefully next year. A good team of lawyers is working on it. It will all be under the roof of a new entity you found mentioned in the past: DECENOMY - from decentralized economy.
He often made fun of people wanting to get rich fast while insisting to better have patience as some of the amazing plans they have may take some time to materialize. He admitted that the first two years did much better than ever expected. An important role will play this partner in Brandenburg   - Imagine for example they plan to put batteries the size of a standard container with gas stations - a truck will come along not with gas but cheap green electricity filling up the batterie. Next eCars can fill up fast - the station owner, and Decenomy - all make a profit. Not to forget that a certain coin will play a role here too.
Or they plan to import an eCar from China for under 10k€. 
Or just another smaller idea they will implement with their coin Jackpot
777 that I can remember. It is a charity- or cent-auction which is popular but always only offered BtoC, now they will have it CtoC.
We can expect to have more coins developing as SAPP did. And we can be part of it by investing for example all or part of our YN-profits into the best of their coins - which btw can also get blocked for masternoding/staking-rewards.  I am still learning things here but promise to update you over time with my findings. I feel blessed and privileged to have now direct contact to the team with special knowledge and info. 
And I should add a more funny note at the end. As we all find transparency so important, well, URS is more than transparent having put his name on the car plate - just URS. Urs is working on building a team able to take over if ever he needed to be replaced. You never know. Many asked about this. Urs also clearly said, 10% per month will not be possible forever. So given returns will slowly go down a bit over time what is the conclusion? Better invest today than any day later and do show your hands-free income to as many people as possible! They can thank you later. 
All the best