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The importance of Pelvic Floor Therapy in Salisbury (NC)

Dec 4

Many reasons make pelvic floor therapy important. Salisbury, NC is home to many pelvic floor therapists. Pelvic floor therapy is a great option for urinary incontinence and bladder control problems, as well sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Pelvic floor therapy in Salisbury, NC has many other benefits, including better posture and sex life.


What is pelvic floor therapy? How does it work?

The importance of Salisbury pelvic floor therapy for women's overall health is immense. The pelvic floor muscles support organs such as the bladder and uterus. This condition can cause urinary incontinence, which can make life difficult for many. There is an effective treatment that has been proven to work. Patients should be able to find quality care from professionals who have years of experience in helping patients feel better.


Women can use pelvic floor therapy

The pelvic floor physiotherapy Salisbury helps to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. This is usually used to control bowel movements and urination. Pelvic Floor Therapy can help with conditions like urinary incontinence or uterine prolapse. It can also be used to treat sexual dysfunction. You should also consider pelvic floor therapy for the following reasons: Reduced risk of constipation (less straining), Better ability to conceive naturally (better muscle tone), More improvement in physical activities, as there won't be any pain during these types exercises.


Men can have pelvic floor therapy

The pelvic floor is a collection of muscles and tissues that surround the area between your hips. Your bladder, bowel and uterus, as well as your prostate gland, are supported by the pelvic floor. Incontinence and other problems with these organs can put pressure on the system. Pregnancy can also affect the pelvic floor. Salisbury Physical Therapy has years of experience helping women with incontinence and other pelvic problems. Our team includes board-certified gynecologists with extensive knowledge of treatment for female urinary stress (leakage when coughing, sneezing), and pelvic organ prolapse/uterine support systems.


How to start pelvic floor therapy in Salisbury (NC)

Many women who have suffered sexual trauma or pelvic pain are able to access pelvic floor therapy in Salisbury. This therapy is also beneficial for women who have experienced incontinence problems during pregnancy or postpartum. We at Accelerate Therapy and Performance know that pelvic floor therapies are a valuable resource our patients in Salisbury have access to. To determine if you are a candidate for treatment, our physical therapist Salisbury will perform a pelvic floor muscle assessment. Sometimes people visit us at our physical therapy clinic Salisbury without any symptoms, but want to be evaluated because they believe it can help with other issues such as incontinence or back pain.

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