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LED is the New Neon

Mar 24

If you've remained in a city recently, you may have noticed a fascinating pattern in marketing. Neon signs are picking up. Nonetheless, instead of the standard neon tubes, most of these brand-new signs are made with LED lights. So what's the difference? As well as why are LED signs coming to be so preferred? Let's take a better look.

Where the Neon Lights are Bright

The appearance of a neon sign is timeless and also will certainly never head out of style. They have a specific character concerning them that can't be duplicated. This is most likely among the reasons that they are making such a comeback over the last few years.

Noth rather matches the beauty of an antique neon sign. They are commonly seen as works of art and also can be quite pricey. In fact, the majority of the original neon signs from the early 1900s were made in such high quality and also are so precious that they are still in use today. There are also non-profit "conserve the signs" organizations in cities throughout the country devoted to preserving old neon signage.

The Number Of Neon Signs are Actually Neon Signs?

While they may have a great deal of character, original neon signs include a large price. This is because of the reality that they call for a great deal of maintenance and are tough to repair. Likewise, the glass tubes can be vulnerable and easily break.

This is where LED signs have actually entered the market. They are much more durable and also do not need almost as much maintenance. Also, if one light heads out, you only need to change that one light rather than a whole section of tube like you would certainly with a

There are firms out there that specialize in producing genuine, traditional neon signs. Nevertheless, most brand-new "neon" signs that you see today are actually LED signs in disguise. So next time you're admiring a neon sign, take a closer seek to see if it's the genuine thing. You may be stunned.

LED: Light Emitting Diodes

LED mean "light-emitting diode." These are semiconductor devices that convert electrical power into light. They are frequently used as sign lights on digital devices, but they can additionally be used to develop huge, bright screens as you see in lots of modern-day neon signs.

LEDs have a number of benefits over conventional incandescent bulbs. They last much longer, they make use of less power, they don't produce warmth, and they are much more sturdy. This is why LED signs have actually come to be so preferred in recent years.

The Rise of LED Neon Signs

As LED modern technology has progressed, it has become less complicated to replicate the appearance of typical neon lights with LED lights. Many business now offer LED neon signs that are very persuading.

Conventional neon lights are made with a glass tube that is loaded with neon gas or other sorts of gas, depending on the preferred shade. When electricity is used, the gas illuminate and produces the intense, beautiful effect that we connect with neon gas signs.


LED neon lights (or faux-neon) signs are created from acrylic-- a thermoplastic much better known as Altuglas or Perspex-- which is lightweight, shatter-resistant, as well as effective at carrying light.

The main reason that faux-neon has actually expanded in appeal is that it is less complicated to mount and keep than genuine neon. It is also much cheaper to generate.

So if you're thinking about a brand-new neon sign for your business, possibilities are it will certainly be made with LED lights. But that's not necessarily a negative thing. These signs are extra durable, extra energy-efficient, and also simpler to maintain than traditional neon signs. And also they still have that traditional neon lights look that most of us know and love. So what's not to like?

LED vs Neon: Which is Better?

So if you're thinking about a brand-new neon sign for your business, chances are it will certainly be made with LEDs. Yet that's not always a poor point. These signs are a lot more resilient, more energy-efficient, and also simpler to preserve than traditional neon signs. And they still have that timeless neon light look that we all recognize and also enjoy. So what's not to like?


So what does the future hold for neon signs? It's difficult to say without a doubt. However, it promises that LED neon lights will remain to grow in appeal as a result of their several advantages. Initial neon signs will likely stay preferred also, but they will certainly end up being more and more costly as time takes place. So if you're trying to find a timeless neon sign, be prepared to pay a pretty penny.

Yet whether you pick LED or neon, something is for certain: your sign makes certain to turn heads. Which's what it's everything about, right?


So there you have it-- the distinction in between LED as well as neon signs. As you can see, both have their benefits as well as downsides. Ultimately, the decision of which type of sign to pick boils down to spending plan and also individual preference.

What do you assume? Are LED signs the new neon? Or is there just no substitute for a classic?

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