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Bogey Hole, Newcastle NSW

Jun 9

About Bogey Hole, Newcastle NSW

The Bogey Hole was a hand-hewn out of rock platform by convicts for Major James Morisset, in 1819. This work represented the enlargement and customizing to suit his needs which may have been used by Aboriginal people beforehand but we cannot say with certainty because there's no record telling us this information beyond what has already gone on since its creation!

The Bogey Hole is a fascinating penal colony that was hand-hewn out of the wave-cut platform by convicts for Major James Morisset, in 1819. This work represented an enlargement to naturally occurring rocks used before Aboriginal people but we cannot know this with certainty because there's little documentation about it at first glance.

The colonial administrator and explorer, Governor Lua built this pool as a private swimming enclosure for his family in 1819. It is one of only two known surviving examples (the other being at Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden) which show how people used to swim before Australia was settled 
The building's significance isn't just limited within NSW - potentially it has national value too because there are few places where you can find such an early example from all over Aussie!

What to do in Bogey Hole, Newcastle NSW

The Bogey Hole is an Instagrammer's dream and a must see attraction on the Newcastle coastline. Whether you're at full flight or in between waves, stop for just one moment to enjoy this beautiful spot next time you are out enjoying King Edward Park!

When you arrive at the Boagle Hole, it looks like maybe this is not where your destination lies. From outside of course there's no view into what awaits inside; only an upstairs flight leading down with stairs right in front-and they lead all too easily onto temptation for those who dare...
Might I suggest averting one’s gaze before reaching these final steps so as to avoid being caught unaware by how spectacularly beautiful everything really seems once we get above ground level!

The hole

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