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Laptop Sleeve vs. Laptop Case. Which is more suitable For Your Business?

Aug 6

Laptop Sleeve vs. Laptop Case. Which is more suitable For Your Business?

When it's time to secure your laptop there are plenty of choices. From laptop sleeves made of neoprene and case cases for laptops to bags that have laptop compartments specifically designed for them There's no single method to shield your laptop from being damaged.

While all of them are excellent for additional security, some may make better sense for your needs and brand goals. Find out the differences between laptop sleeves and. cases and find out which one is the best fit for your company.

Laptop Sleeve

Sleeves for laptops are in use for a long time. Sometimes referred to as a laptop pouch as well as a bag. They are typically constructed from soft materials such as leather or neoprene. They are slightly bigger than laptops and can be closed to protect the laptop from bumps, scratches, water and dust that can occur in daily usage.


While they're small and basic laptop sleeves are small and simple, they offer many advantages. Here are a few of the benefits that laptop sleeves.


Laptop sleeves are more adaptable than cases as they are constructed from various materials. Neoprene cases are common option due to its greater thickness than other materials and also has a soft, sponge-like feel to it, and therefore provides greater protection.

You can, however, choose the leather sleeves. Leather sleeves are typically more expensive , but they do have an elegant style. Recycling and vegan-friendly materials are becoming more fashionable and may be appealing to the masses and accommodate various budgets.


With the option of choosing from these types of materials and styles, you can make a laptop sleeve part of the company's design. Laptop sleeves are usually considered as an accessory for fashion that can enhance the appearance of an individual or a company (especially with the option of customization).


It's crucial to remember that laptop sleeves are efficient in protecting your device from dust and dirt. There are also sleeves that provide water resistance and other. Laptop sleeves are an ideal option to safeguard and transport your laptop without having to carry bags that are larger. The case of a sleeve can be easily incorporated into larger backpacks and bags for extra protection on trips or on a commute.


We cannot overstate how simple laptop sleeves can be used. All you need to do is put your laptop inside the case and close it when you're not using it. It's not much more simple than this.


Customized laptop sleeves are an excellent method to increase awareness of your brand. You can include your logo or logo on a custom laptop sleeve, and then give the sleeves to your staff as well as new hires. Consider how each time a custom laptop sleeve is taken out of a backpack , or laptop bag, you have another chance to increase brand awareness beyond the workplace.


For certain laptops, laptop sleeves aren't the best solution.

Protective Limits

Although neoprene laptop cases are excellent at protecting technology from scrapes, bumps, as well as dirt and scratches, they have some limitations. They aren't able to prevent the damage or cracks caused by massive falls or drops from high heights.


They also are prone to damage and wear. With time, the style on these cases could be worn out or have small tears , based on the amount of time it's utilized. It's recommended to take care of your laptop's case with diligence to ensure that it's durable.

Do you require an laptop sleeve? A lot of companies use laptop sleeves for onboarding as they are an ideal, personal and professional advantage.

Laptop Case

A laptop case however typically, it's a plastic case that is left on the laptop , even when it's not in use. Also known as a laptop shell These cases made of plastic are extremely robust and can be personalized with various logos, designs and more.


Here are a few advantages of laptops with these shells.

Added Protection 24/7

The benefit of notebook cases is the fact that they shield your laptop from scratches, scrapes and even shortfalls all day long. They are built with corners that are reinforced and padded, so they can provide you with the most complete security where your laptop is most at risk.

Improves Grip

The cases usually have grips at the bottom of the case which allows you to easily use the case on different surfaces. This little design detail can be extremely useful for people who have to be on the go.

Premium design

Hard shells are available in a wide range of patterns and colors that you can pick from. This is ideal for teams that want to distinguish your Macbook Pro from another or simply wish you to hide their Apple Logo with a style they like.


Laptop cases, though robust, aren't the only solution to protect your technology.

Precise Sizing

Laptop cases should be ideally sized to fit your laptop to function effectively. For example, a 13-inch laptop can fit inside the 15-inch laptop case however, it won't work with a larger case , which is required to be snapped.

There isn't much room for your team if they use different laptop sizes or swaps laptops frequently. While some snap in the right spot, they may make it more challenging to utilize than a zip-and-go laptop sleeves.


Sometimes, laptop cases could block vital ports (like the charging port) on your laptop. This can be a hassle as people are tempted to use their cases every day.

Challenge in Customization

Although it's possible to modify notebook cases but it may be difficult or costly to create custom laptop cases. This is due to the fact that printing on plastic at this size can require longer or require more effort

Which is ideal For Your Business?

As you will see, when it concerns laptop cases vs laptop sleeves, each one has each its distinct advantages and disadvantages. In the end, if you're looking for an inexpensive robust, durable, and flexible option for your company laptop, custom laptop sleeves might be the best choice for you.

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